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FGTS Withdrawal Changes: Understanding the News!

FGTS Withdrawal Changes: Understanding the News!

Since its implementation under Law 13,932/19, the anniversary of withdrawal FGTS Provide a new option for Brazilian workers.

This method allows a portion of the FGTS balance to be withdrawn annually in the month of the account holder’s birthday, which is an alternative to the withdrawal-termination method.

Changes to the FGTS Birthday Withdrawal: Everything You Need to Know

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The FGTS (Fund for Service Time Guarantee) birthday withdrawal method, created in 2019, allows workers to withdraw a portion of their accumulated resources during their birth month annually. Recently, this method has undergone major updates to expand access and simplify the withdrawal process.

Previously, the terms and conditions for joining the Christmas withdrawal were more restrictive, limiting many workers from participating. Now, the new guidelines expand access to more people and provide a more flexible 60-day period for those born in April, May and June to make their withdrawals.

Advantages and limitations of the method

Choosing the birthday withdrawal means being able to withdraw part of your FGTS balance each year in your birth month. However, this decision has limitations, especially if the worker is dismissed. In this case, he will only be entitled to a termination penalty, without being able to withdraw the entire balance.

The amount that a worker can withdraw varies according to the total balance in their FGTS accounts. This is calculated using a rate ranging from 5% to 50%, plus an additional portion. For example, a worker with R$1,000 in FGTS can withdraw R$400, using a rate of 40%, plus an additional portion of R$50, resulting in a total of R$450.

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How to Adopt Christmas Swag

Those wishing to join the Christmas draw must access the FGTS app (available for Appearance memory that it internal control Department) And set this method until the last day of your birthday month.

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This change is designed to make workers’ financial lives easier, allowing them to plan their withdrawals in a more efficient and organized way.

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