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FGTS Digital is celebrated by HR management experts as a game changer |  National newspaper

FGTS Digital is celebrated by HR management experts as a game changer | National newspaper

FGTS Digital is celebrated by HR management experts as a game-changer

The digital platform for Service time guarantee fund.

Hey FGTS Digital It is celebrated by human resource management experts as Watersheds: The end of today's bureaucratic and time-consuming process when it comes to filing or making adjustments to an escrow fund, and the beginning of a system that makes everything simpler and more direct.

“This process, today, you have to create a file, and you have to send it to Caixa. If you have a thousand collaborators, you have to send a thousand collaborators, even if it is only arranged by one person. Not with FGTS Digital. “You will go in, you will choose the person, and you will You create a guide for him, including different skills,” explains Jorge Mesquita, HR Director.

Under the new system, companies will issue payment receipts and verify outstanding payments and debts. You can also do Automatic calculation From FGTS fine – based on salary history social – Automatically returning previous salaries and disbursing compensation. All amounts for several months can be collected in one tab.

The FGTS deposit provided by the Company will no longer be made by bank voucher and will be made by PIX. The amount will continue to be deposited into the worker's own account at Caixa Econômica Federal. The payment date will change from the 7th to the 20th, which is the date other employee taxes are paid.

“We will gain more time with this. So, we have more time to check, and close the payroll more calmly when calculating these taxes, and this gives us more peace of mind,” says businessman Leandro Oliveira.

To begin with, the new FGTS digital platform does not change in any way the way workers will be able to access personal information in their accounts. But there is already one Immediate benefit And for the worker: he will have more Facilitates that it Speed When withdrawing money from the fund in the event of dismissal. With the new system, the worker will no longer need to issue the employer an authorization key to withdraw. Once the money is available, he can withdraw it.

The Ministry of Labor is also discussing another change: allowing workers to obtain loans using the Social Security Fund as collateral without requiring mediation from the employer. This does not yet have a date to take effect.