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FGTS 2024: Extra money with Christmas draw!  paying off

FGTS 2024: Extra money with Christmas draw! paying off

Hey Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) It brings new features for this year, 2024, which promise to benefit many Brazilian workers. Among the changes, a new round of Christmas withdrawals stands out, which allows part of the balance to be withdrawn from bank accounts. FGTS for workers.

What are the FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal dates?

According to the The schedule determined by the programThe draw is currently available for those born in February. There are three main groups that can benefit from this loot:

  • Born in February: You can now receive payment starting the 1st of this month. Anyone who has not yet joined this method, but was born in February, can still request a transfer.
  • Born in January or December: They have up to 60 days to make a withdrawal, starting from joining the method.

How to check FGTS balance for withdrawal?

Checking the available balance in the FGTS account is an essential step to know the amount that can be withdrawn. Here's how to check your balance:

  1. Access the FGTS application and log in
  2. On the first page you will find the current amount in your account
  3. Select the “My Withdrawals” option.
  4. Choose the “Birthday Draw” option.
  5. You will be able to see the expected date of your next withdrawal payment and the amount you will be able to withdraw

How is the FGTS withdrawal amount calculated?

a Caixa Economica Federal The amount that will be available for Christmas withdrawal is calculated using a rate based on the worker's available balance, to which an additional portion is added. Check the table provided by the bank that explains how Made this calculation:

  • For balances up to R$ 500.00: 50% interest rate
  • From R$ 500.01 to R$ 1,000.00: rate of 40% with an additional premium of R$ 50.00
  • From R$1,000.01 to R$5,000.00: rate of 30% with an additional premium of R$150.00
  • From R$5,000.01 to R$10,000.00: rate of 20% with an additional premium of R$650.00
  • From R$10,000.01 to R$15,000.00: rate of 15% with an additional premium of R$1,150.00
  • From R$ 15,000.01 to R$ 20,000.00: rate of 10% with an additional premium of R$ 1,900.00
  • More than R$20,000.01: rate of 5% with an additional premium of R$2,900.00
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Therefore, it is necessary for all workers to pay attention to the dates and conditions, so as not to miss them Access opportunity This kind of withdrawal from FGTS. After all, we are talking about an initiative, in addition to providing “additional“In times of stress, it also serves as a catalyst for financial planning and long-term thinking about managing worker resources.