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Feirão GOL has international tickets starting from R$ 1,033 + 10% discount voucher

Feirão GOL has international tickets starting from R$ 1,033 + 10% discount voucher

Are you looking for an international destination to travel to in the coming months? Then check out the offers from GOL's Anniversary Fair, which offers airline tickets to destinations in South America, the Caribbean or the United States from R$1,033, round-trip with fees.

In our search, we found flight tickets to Asuncion from R$1,033, Santa Cruz de la Sierra from R$1,127, Montevideo from R$1,253, Buenos Aires from R$1,272, Mendoza from R$1,366, Cordoba from R$1,720, and Punta Cana. From 2569 Brazilian reals and Bogota for 2692 Brazilian reals. For the US, there are options in Miami or Orlando starting at R$2,421.

Furthermore, to celebrate its 23rd anniversary, GOL has an exclusive coupon for Melhores Destinos readers: using the code MDGOL23YEARS You get a 10% discount on the cost of airline tickets purchased on the company’s website between today and tomorrow. There are only 300 vouchers, so whoever issues them first gets them!

To receive the discount, the traveler must enter the Gol website and choose the starting point, destination and travel date during the valid periods: 01/02 to 07/02, 19/02 to 27/03, 30/03 to 28/05, 31/05 to 01 /06 and 06/04 to 06/30. Then, just enter the coupon MDGOL23YEARS In the field below the date of travel abroad, as shown in the image below.

Check out our selection of international tickets with GOL below.

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