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‘Feeling good’: Ai Weiwei picks Portugal for new show, Home

‘Feeling good’: Ai Weiwei picks Portugal for new show, Home

LISBON, Portugal (AP) – Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei presents the biggest exhibition of his career in Portugal, where he falls in love.

A new exhibition of world-famous visual artists, Rapture, will take place on Friday in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Ai arrived in Portugal about two years ago and said he has no plans to return to Germany or the UK since leaving China in 2015.

On Thursday, the artist said he was “very comfortable” with Portugal. “I will stay here.”

Ai 2018 in São Paulo took up twice the area of ​​the Lisbon Fair, but only a few works were shown.

Rapture is home to the Portuguese National Rope Factory, which began in the 18th century and is displayed in a tall, low-rise riverside building that today hosts temporary art exhibitions. The Ai show runs until November 28.

The 85 works include some of Ai’s signature works and new works made only in Portugal.

At the entrance to the building is a gigantic “Forever Bicycles” statue made of 960 stainless steel bicycles as building blocks. A human figure is depicted in a 16-meter black rubber boat, suggesting a migration crisis, but his famous installations, sculptures, videos and photographs are also in Lisbon.

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