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Father of quintuplets criticized for using 'baby collar' and responses: 'Training my dogs'

Father of quintuplets criticized for using ‘baby collar’ and responses: ‘Training my dogs’

The method adopted by Jordan Driskill has divided opinions on social media, but he says kids love it and the product gives them more freedom when walking with the little ones.

Play / Instagram / @driskell_quints_dadJordan Driskill is the father of the quintet and uses a “kid’s collar” for practicality and safety

Video of Jordan Driskill walking his 5-year-old quintuplets in a United State It spread online and opinions were divided. All because part of the Internet users revolted from the way the man held the children. Driskill was using a “baby set,” a common feature in the country, the purpose of which was to tie the children together by means of a rope attached to the waist of adults. Despite the criticism, the guy does not pay attention to comments and takes everything in stride. In a post on his Instagram, he wrote the following message: “Don’t mind me, I’m just training my ‘dogs’,” he said. In an interview with TODAY Parents, Driskell explained why he used an infant collar. He said, “Babies are very curious, they want to run and explore. He added, “For peace of mind and sanity, we wear a leash.” He also stated that this product allows him and his wife to “get out of the house and do fun family things” without stress. When the newspaper asked him why he didn’t use other features, such as prams, he said that “It was too big and ridiculous to take it anywhere,” and that the children “want to walk when we go to a crowded place. It gives them a collar that gives them the opportunity to do that,” he explained and reported that the little ones love collars.

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