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Evo will run for president of Bolivia.  Ars was expelled from MAS

Evo will run for president of Bolivia. Ars was expelled from MAS

The resolution “recognizes the self-excommunication” of the incumbent president for “failing to attend the MAS-IPSP conference”

Evo Morales

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Cowashon News The Congress of the Movement for Socialism (MAS-IPSP) voted on Wednesday (4) to field former President Evo Morales as its candidate in the 2025 elections, and also voted to expel the current president, Luis Arce, marking the party’s official break with the party. Government.

At the party’s national congress in Lauca, Cochabamba, the plenary session voted to approve two decisions of the Political Committee. The first document ratifies Evo Morales as president of MAS-IPSP and declares him the party’s sole candidate.

The document also states that “in the 2025 elections, no alliances will be made with other political parties.”

The second resolution “recognizes the self-excommunication of Arce” for “failure to attend the MAS-IPSP conference.” He also expelled a series of authorities, including representatives and senators, under the pretext of “betraying the ideological principles of MAS-IPSP.”

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