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Everton, from Ponte Preta, is accused of sexual harassment and physical abuse |  Campinas and the region

Everton, from Ponte Preta, is accused of sexual harassment and physical abuse | Campinas and the region

The Everton striker, who had spells at Flamengo, São Paulo and Gremio, who defended the team. Black bridge In Series B, he is suspected of sexual harassment and physical abuse. Two women filed a police report against the player at Paulinha Police Station (SP), on Monday (13).

According to the complaint filed with civilian police, Everton, 34, allegedly touched the buttocks of two women during a barbecue over the weekend, and when he was confronted, he attacked both victims.

Everton, Ponte Preta x Sampaio Correa – Photo: Marcos Ripoli/Pontepress

The reporter tried to contact Everton by phone, but did not receive a response. The report will be updated once the player places himself. Ponte Preta was also contacted through the press office and has not yet responded.

According to the incident report, one of the victims reported that the first episode of sexual harassment occurred on Thursday night (9), when she went to dinner at Everton’s house with her husband.

The victim told civil police that after going to the bathroom, Everton’s wife was next to her husband and when he sat next to the player, he would caress her calf. She was going to ask the athlete to stop, but Everton insisted and she went to sit elsewhere.

The victim said he believed Everton “would have acted under the influence of alcohol” and that he believed he would stop refusing to attack.

Also according to the police report, Everton then committed the same act with the sister of the first victim, who heard when confronting the player that he “made a mistake and confused her with his wife.” Then the argument began, which extended outside the apartment complex.

The police report states that when confronted, Everton allegedly attacked the two women – the content of these attacks has not been reported. According to Erico Claro, the victims’ lawyer, the player bit one of the two women.

A woman showing signs of alleged aggression from the Everton striker, the former Flamengo and Sao Paulo player, during a barbecue in Paulinha (SP) – Photo: Personal Archive

Negotiating with Ponte Preta

The 34-year-old Everton player, who had spells at Flamengo, Sao Paulo and Gremio, among other clubs, was suffering from physical problems and was negotiating the end of his contract with Ponte Preta for two months.

The player’s last participation was on September 9, when he played for 45 minutes in a goalless draw against Sampaio Correa in the second division.

Everton suffered from physical problems in Campinas and underwent two surgeries on his left ankle since arriving at the club. He has played just eight games for Mkaka in this period (five this season and three last year).

Ponte Preta’s latest official position is that “Everton continues to carry out maintenance work at the club, adhering to the daily routine set by the technical committee.”

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