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Duda Ramos mediates adherence to the Geap health plan by the Roraima government

Duda Ramos mediates adherence to the Geap health plan by the Roraima government

Parliamentarian is working with the state government to ensure this feature for servers. Photo: Eskom Parliamentary

The National President of the Geap Plan, Douglas Figueiredo, met with Federal Representative Duda Ramos, on Monday morning, 26, at the Palacio Senador Helio Campos, the seat of government in Roraima, with Governor Antonio Denarium and his Vice-Governor Edilson Damião, to start negotiations with the government to adhere to the Geap Plan. Director of Relations Jose Pacheco and State Administrator Catiana Brula were also present.

According to the governor, the initiative shows that the state values ​​public servants.

“The plan will definitely benefit and motivate our servers. Our management is imbued with a financial study so that we can formalize this engagement, which certainly shows our commitment and respect for the servers,” he said.

Federal Representative Duda Ramos stated that he is working with the state government to promote this concern for public servants, who are dedicated to public service and deserve such attention and care.

“You can count on my efforts in all matters concerning Roraima. Taking care of the health of civil servants is a testament to respect, commitment and concern for those who are dedicated to contributing to the country. Congratulations to Governor Denarium for his sensitivity and dedication to this very important agenda.”

The CEO, Douglas Figueiredo, confirmed that he would continue negotiations, acknowledging the urgent need to provide health coverage access to more than 20,000 government employees in the state.

“We believe that, soon, the specialists from the Roraima government will be able to count on the help of Geap, which has 77 years of experience in health plans for civil servants and which has now become one of its main guidelines ensuring reception and humanization in the care of its beneficiaries.”

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The governor directed the request to the Administrative Secretariat of the Government to initiate the next steps for the agreement between the two parties.