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Dua Lipa Releases Love Again Video In Rodeo Mood

Dua Lipa in the “Love Again” video. Credit: YouTube / Dua Lipa

Another award-winning clip, Future Nostalgia, won. On Friday, the fourth, singer Dua Lipa released a video for the song Love Again, with the theme of a rodeo, featuring the artist who appeared in the role of a cowgirl.

The clip, which is already the eighth that the singer has released to work on the album, was recorded during rehearsals for the presentation at the Brit Awards and by learning the dances in 45 minutes, Dua Lipa herself wrote on Twitter thanks to her team. .

The theme of rodeos, starring the singer as a cowgirl and even riding a mechanical bull, came as a surprise after this week’s single cover featured the artist in clown makeup. He thought the topic would be the circus, but that was the mistake. There were clowns, yes, but rodeo clowns.

With so much choreography, the clip will likely be the last single from the album released last year, Joe Kentish, head of UK artist and repertoire at Warner UK, said in an interview with Variety that the singer is already working on the album. next one. The third studio album of his career.

Joe Kentish also revealed that Dua Lipa is something different than anything he has ever done and that he is not considering taking a break from his career. “She was talking about the third album when we were just barely done with the second. You’re kind of hoping she’d want to take a break or do things differently, but she says, ‘OK, what’s next?'” β€œHer interests, her knowledge, her thirst to learn new things and to control what she does grow and grow.”

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