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Dua Lipa is recognized as the most played artist in the UK by 2020

Dua Lipa is recognized as the most played artist in the UK by 2020

People say that the singer topped the list of the most played artists in the UK by 2020.

This morning (09), the music licensing company People released a list with the most played charts in 2020. Singer Dua Lipa Won first place, making it one of the most sought after artists in the UK.

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Learn more about the UK’s most played artist list and Dua Liba’s leading role

In March last year, Dua Lipa He released the second album of his career, ‘Future Nostalgia’, and won several major marks with new hits, including the title of the artist who played the most in the UK by 2020, according to popular opinion.

Dua Liba is one of the most listened to artists in 2020. Ed Sheeran e Ariana Grande Top three favorites, with Dua. Also, names like Little Mix, Gold Play e Weekend Consider the first 10.

“I wanted to bring a little joy to ‘nostalgia for the future’ at such a difficult time. Thank you to everyone who supported us who did an important job of ensuring that artists and musicians get paid while playing their music,” said Dua Liba.

‘Don’t Start Now’ ranks second in the UK’s Most Played Track Rankings in 2020, in addition to topping the list of Most Played Artists in 2020.

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