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Don't lose your money forgotten by the dues value system!

Don't lose your money forgotten by the dues value system!

Hey Receivable value system (SVR), the structure that provides the option to rescue funds forgotten in the financial system, announced, for 2024, an amount of more than R$ 7.5 billion ready to be returned to the rightful owner. According to the Central Bank, R$5.3 billion have been recovered so far out of a total R$12.8 billion exposed by financial institutions.

Since the program was implemented in February of the previous year, it is estimated that about 16.8 million account holders, including individuals and businesses, have already received their amounts back. This number represents only 27.85% of the total 60,492,862 individuals on the registered list.

Low value funds forgot to fill ratio

It was noted that the majority of account holders who have not yet made withdrawals correspond to small amounts. For example: amounts up to R$10 represent 62.98% of those covered, while amounts between R$10.01 and R$100 represent 25.71%. Amounts from R$100.01 to R$1,000 constitute 9.64%, and only 1.68% are entitled to receive more than R$1,000.

Value Receivable System (SVR)

currently, SVR It implemented new features, such as print screens and request protocols for sending on WhatsApp. A virtual waiting tool is integrated that allows for same-day consultation, eliminating the need to schedule an appointment based on year of birth or company incorporation.

Regarding joint accounts, there is now more transparency, allowing one of the owners to access information such as the value, history and CPF of the person who submitted the redemption request.

These measures are part of an effort to make the recovery process easier and faster for the account holder. With more than R$7.5 billion available for return, it is important to raise awareness among the population about the importance of verifying their accounts and ensuring that all funds are duly recovered.

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