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Doctors call for abolishing daylight saving time completely;  Understands

Doctors call for abolishing daylight saving time completely; Understands

A group of sleep doctors are calling again the summer timing (DST) claiming that this practice harms personal and public health and safety.

According to the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the biological clock shift caused by daylight saving time increases risks to physical health and mental health. General Security.

They say the best option for health and safety is to maintain standard time throughout the year.

Evidence that cannot be ignored

The AASM has for years called for the United States to end daylight saving time and adopt standard time permanently, eliminating the need for annual clock adjustments.

In 2020, the group issued the first public call to eliminate daylight saving time, citing evidence of increased risks of traffic accidents, cardiovascular events and mood disorders following the annual switch to daylight saving time.

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However, debate over the fate of daylight saving time continues. A proposed law, called the “Sun Protection Act,” was unanimously approved in the Senate in 2022, with the goal of making daylight saving time permanent, rather than maintaining standard time. This led to disagreements between medical experts and politicians.

The AASM says that efforts to maintain permanent daylight saving time ignore potential health risks that could be avoided by adopting standard time year-round.

The controversy still exists, and it is not clear in which direction it will be taken. Meanwhile, residents continue to face the challenges of the annual “setback” that brings with it early darkness.

The issue of daylight saving time may not be top of mind, but it remains on the table as society grapples with the effects of changing clocks every year.

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a health Safety is a top concern for sleep doctors, while politicians also consider energy and economic factors in their decision-making process.