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Do you watch TV a lot?  to caution!  Your old age may be at risk

Do you watch TV a lot? to caution! Your old age may be at risk

Watch over the last fifty or sixty years the television It has become one of the most common customs around the world. With the advent of new technologies, this percentage has increased even more.

Especially since in the era of direct broadcasting at low prices, watching “marathon” movies and series in front of the TV has become a habit for many people. This applies to both young people and adults, for whom television ends up being their main medium entertainment.

There was another factor that increased the desire to watch TV: the pandemic. During the period of isolation, she became an inseparable companion for many people, generating a stronger habit.

What are the dangers of watching too much TV, anyway?

Beware: Watching TV may harm aging – Images: Pixabay

Watching more than two hours of television a day may not be one of the healthiest habits a person can adopt in the long term in life.

That’s because, according to a June 11 Jama Network poll, spending more time in front of the TV reduces your chances of healthy aging by 12%.

However, there is no reason to despair. Ultimately, some other measures could help reverse this scenario, ensuring radical change the elderly In good health and with a great quality of life.

According to this same study, if a person does about two hours of physical activity per day, they may also have a 6% greater chance of enjoying healthy, independent aging. In fact, this is something everyone looks for in their daily lives.

Few elderly people are healthy

In the same study, there is a caveat: Only 10% to 35% of older adults manage to age healthy. In other words, others cannot reach old age with goodness Quality of life.

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To reach this result, the research used data from the Nurses’ Health Study, in the United States, and analyzed 45,000 people over the age of fifty, which gave greater reliability to the study’s results.

Furthermore, research conducted by the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that watching television increases the risk of dementia by 24%.

Therefore, it is always important to know how to use the device and look for other ways to do so distraction And know how to enjoy life in the best way possible.