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Discover 3 factors that lead to premature aging without your knowledge

Discover 3 factors that lead to premature aging without your knowledge

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The concept of the secret of youth dates back to ancient times, where humanity was fascinated by legends such as the Fountain of Youth, a river that supposedly granted immortality and eternal youth to those who drank its waters. But reality refutes such myths. The question that remains is: Is there anything that can slow down aging? For plastic surgeon Elodia Avila, who specializes in rejuvenation, there are several factors that can affect healthy longevity, and understanding them better provides greater control over the process.

In addition to the obvious factors, such as sun exposure, smoking and genetics, there are other, less obvious aspects that can significantly accelerate aging. According to the expert, “invisible” factors are the most dangerous for healthy longevity, because they go unnoticed and can negatively affect the pace of aging.

Among these factors the following stand out:

  1. Electronic Light: Studies indicate that blue light emitted from electronic devices can have negative effects on the skin, which is a major concern due to its constant presence in our lives. Elodia recommends moderation in the use of electronic devices to maintain healthy skin.
  2. Stress: Stress is considered one of the main challenges in modern life, and its spread may lead to the secretion of harmful hormones, such as cortisol, which negatively affects skin health.
  3. Bathing with very hot water: Frequent use of very hot water while bathing can damage the skin barrier, leading to dryness and affecting its ability to protect against diseases, in addition to imbalance in the skin’s pH.
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Therefore, understanding and addressing these invisible factors could be key to maintaining a youthful appearance and promoting healthy longevity.

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