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DIRT 5 gets its biggest update;  Check the news

DIRT 5 gets its biggest update; Check the news

In addition to some paid content, we will also have important free apps

Although it was released several months ago, the development team for DIRT 5 It keeps an update of its latest title. This time, the new technologies found in PlayStation 5 It will be used better. The update will be available from July 20.

Among the new features, we have native support for adaptive triggers from DualSenseAnd the 3D sound Improved and tactile response makes the player feel the obstacles in the terrain. Contrary to what happened with Ghost Cut Out Tsushima, These are technical improvements to the current generation console. Sony It will be provided for free.

  • Adaptive stimuli and tactile response

With this implementation, it will be possible to feel greater reactions in all the races that are played. The user will feel different surfaces, and applying pressure to the brakes will produce unique sensations depending on the terrain.

It is recommended that you test the game yourself to better understand the impact of these improvements.

  • DualSense 3D Audio for PlayStation 5

By plugging in a headset into the Dualsense, or using PS5 certified headphones, 3D audio can be fully enjoyed. The roar of the engines, with the most diverse vehicles, will be depicted with an extra layer of realism, thanks to the dynamic sound range.

Noise made by spectators near or far can be felt, with unique clarity, adding to the immersion you will feel when playing an event. By adding all these new sensory layers, both in Dualsense and in graphics and sound, the experience will be enriched.

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But another update, PayIt will also be available for all platforms that got the title.

a Ultra DLC Content Pack It will offer four cars: Rezvani Tank, Armada Rock Racer, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport and Bentley Continental GT Ice Race Car.

Furthermore it, 27 new events In career mode, new events from experimental time, will be added. DIRT 5 available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia e Computer.

Source: blog.br.playstation.comAnd the gtplanet.net

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