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Did you get angry?  The infallible Japanese method will restore your peace

Did you get angry? The infallible Japanese method will restore your peace

Have you ever caught yourself like this? annoyed To the point of wanting to scream or hit something? What if there was a better, surprisingly simple way to deal with that anger? Japanese researchers have come up with an innovative answer to these questions.

In a study from Nagoya University, led by Nobuyuki Kawai, an expert in cognitive science, it was found that Write down your feelings and then tear the paper It is an effective strategy for dissipating anger. This method, which has proven to be more efficient than traditional anger management techniques, has surprised even researchers with its effectiveness.

Study details

To better understand this technique, the study included the participation of 100 students. Participants were asked to express their opinions on controversial issues, such as banning smoking in public places.

They were informed that their answers would be evaluated by an evaluator from Nagoya University, who would judge aspects such as intelligence and rationality. However, all participants received negative feedback intentionally to elicit feelings of anger.

Monitor the effects

Then the students were divided into two groups. One of them had to keep his writing, while the other was told to tear up the paper or throw it away.

Those who kept their writing consistently showed high levels of anger. On the other hand, participants who destroyed their writing experienced a significant reduction in, or even neutralization of, anger.

Why does it work?

Research indicates that the process of writing allows for safe and controlled expression of emotions, while tearing up paper symbolizes freedom from feelings Get rid of these negative feelings.

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Not only does this approach help calm anger almost instantly, but it also offers a practical anger management strategy. Emotions Intensive in everyday life, both in personal and professional contexts.

So, when anger gets the better of you, grab a pen and paper. Write down everything you feel and then make a symbolic gesture of release by tearing the paper. This simple act may be the secret to quickly regaining peace of mind. So, will you try it?

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