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Devices that “overhear” conversations are a concern for Brazilians

Devices that “overhear” conversations are a concern for Brazilians

  • 69% believe that electronic devices listen to their conversations;
  • 42% fear that their movements will be tracked by their phone or any other device without their consent;
  • 41% fear personal electronic devices will monitor private conversations without consent;
  • 46% worry about identity theft and therefore limit the amount of personal information they share online.

According to the survey, only 5% of Brazilians interviewed have no concerns about how websites and platforms use their personal data.

To avoid any problems, 3% say they provide false information on e-commerce sites so that companies do not share anything about them in the event of a data leak or mis-sale.

Lack of transparency

Although 17% of Brazilians are willing to share personal data if it improves their online experience, 21% avoid providing personal data even if it generates some benefits to the experience, such as recommendations and personalized services.

People will be willing to provide personal information if companies make it easier for them to understand how their personal data is stored and used. But 67% find it difficult to find information about data protection on the websites they use.

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