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Deportation of immigrants to Rwanda at Supreme Court

Deportation of immigrants to Rwanda at Supreme Court

The UK’s deportation of migrants to Rwanda, a landmark move in the British government’s immigration policy, is being analyzed by London’s High Court in hearings until October 11, when judges are expected to enter the deliberative phase. title. The controversial law, adopted in 2022, was blocked by the European Court of Human Rights that same year and by the London Court of Appeal at the end of June.

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Last year’s controversial law to deport migrants heading to Rwanda when Boris Johnson was prime minister is at the center of a hearing at the High Court in London from today to Wednesday, weeks ahead of several rounds of debate.

At the heart of the controversy, the device has been deemed illegal by the European Court of Human Rights, which canceled the first evacuation flight to Rwanda in the middle of last year, and by the London Court of Appeal. That was supposed to end in June this year “People sent to Rwanda are at real risk of being returned to their home countries where they face persecution and inhumane treatment.”.

The British government, in turn, insists “Measures with preventive effect should be taken urgently” About who wants to settle in the country “With the support of passers-by”.

The conservatives, who came to power last July, have been widely criticized for imposing even more restrictions and preventing illegal immigrants from seeking asylum regardless of the reasons they had for leaving their country, the UN said. Law against international law.

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It is also worth noting that last week, Rishi Sunak, the head of the British government, signed the agreement together with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the head of the far-right party ‘Fratelli d’Italia’. Demand a collective EU response to what they described “Moral Crisis”When referring to illegal immigration.