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Denmark burns 4 million mink to contain its mink strains

Denmark burns 4 million mink to contain its mink strains

Denmark burns 4 million mink to contain COVID-19 mutations 5/28/2021 Reuters / Tim Barsau

Photo: Reuters

a Denmark Started on burn this week 4 million from you That was slaughtered for Contain covid-19 strainsBut that started emerging from mass graves, causing new health concerns.

Last year, the Danish government decided Slaughtered all 17 million of mink in the country To hold a variable because it was considered Most likely mammals will host future mutations.

Some were buried in wells in a military district in western Denmark, under two meters of soil, but part of it returned to the surface in less than a month.

Later, contaminants were found under the drilling through an examination conducted on behalf of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, which prompted the government to issue an order to burn the animals.

“There shouldn’t be any viruses left,” said Jacob Hartvig Simonsen, CEO of ARC’s Waste Management Plant. “But we have burned above a thousand degrees (Celsius), so if any virus remains, it will definitely go away.”

The pollutants were not related to the Coronavirus, but were the result of the decomposition process.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that mink animals are easily infected with the Covid-19 virus, and the infection is exacerbated because they are kept in large quantities and kept in confined spaces.

All 4 million mink will be burned by mid-July.

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