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Deleting app data is now easier

Deleting app data is now easier

From now on, deleting data from accounts associated with apps and games that provide profile creation on Android is much easier. The entire removal procedure can be simplified thanks to the update made to Google Play Store It was implemented on 02/12 (Monday) by the aforementioned company.

Previously, users had to look for an alternative to deleting their information in the app settings or directly on the developer page when they no longer wanted to use the program. As a result, many people got lost in the process and ended up leaving the issue alone.

However, thanks to the update, the entire procedure has been shortened to clicking on the link that will redirect the individual to the website of the person responsible for the tool. To find it, just access “Data security“, in the software ecosystem found in the official Android store, scroll down to see this option.

Then by touching “You can request deletion of data“, the person is taken to the developer environment, where the request must be completed. Once this is completed, your information will be deleted from the game or platform database.

Users are still waiting for direct deletion in apps

The new alternative to deleting data from apps and games on the Play Store will make life easier for many people; However, the public would still like to find a way to request removals of this type directly from Applications. Therefore, it will not be necessary for users to resort to external resources to make this type of request.

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Last year (2023), Google Developers responsible for introducing account creation into their software have been informed about the need to provide solutions that enable data deletion in a faster and more hassle-free manner, whether via the web itself or by other means. However, no progress has been made in this regard so far.

Therefore, anyone interested in increasing privacy levels can use the link already available in the online store to ask administrators to delete their information when the software in question is no longer in use on the cell phone.