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Daniel Alves has had a request for provisional release rejected in Spain

Daniel Alves has had a request for provisional release rejected in Spain

Sam Marsden and Moses LorenzReading: two minutes.

Right-back Daniel Alves’ request for provisional release has been denied and he will remain in prison while the investigation into the alleged sexual assault continues. The Spanish court confirmed the decision on Tuesday.

The Brazilian legal team filed an appeal on January 30 to release the former Barcelona player from pre-trial detention following his arrest on January 20.

However, the judge in the case considered Daniel Alves to be at risk of flight due to his financial circumstances and the fact that he holds Brazilian citizenship – Brazil has no extradition agreements with Spain.

The 39-year-old winger is charged Sexual assault on a woman in a nightclub In Barcelona on December 30th.

The investigation began in January, but after the judge heard the statements of Elvis and the young woman on January 20, he was arrested.

To support the decision, the judge considered biological findings performed on the alleged victim, the nightclub’s security cameras, as well as the player’s contradictory statements.

Dani Alves, who has denied any wrongdoing, returned to Spain from Mexico, where he played for the team cougarseven though he had terminated his contract with the club.

The investigation is ongoing and no trial date has been set.

Experienced linebacker, who also played SevilleAnd Juventus that it Paris Saint-Germain In Europe, he was a key player in the golden years Barcelonaplays in the right-back position in the team with Lionel Messi between 2008 and 2016.

won in Champions League Three times with the Catalan club, he returned to it briefly last season before playing world Cup like Brazil in Qatar.

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