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Dan Aykroyd wants new ‘Ghostbusters’ set in UK

Dan Aykroyd wants new ‘Ghostbusters’ set in UK

Small screen actor Dan AykroydKnown for his role in ‘ExorcistHe recently hinted at an exciting idea for a new film in the series set in England.

In an interview Daily mailAykroyd shares his thoughts on bringing the famous ghost hunters to British lands.

“I love working with the English, they are great. The studios are modern and rival anything in Hollywood. I have an idea to set a sequel in England. There are so many ghosts and mythical creatures in Scotland. I traveled there and it was amazing.”Aykroyd expressed.

‘s sequenceGhostbusters: Beyond‘, which has yet to be officially titled, has been pushed back to 2024.

Earlier scheduled to release on December 20 this year, the feature has now been set for a premiere date March 29, 2024.

Earlier, the Sony Pictures The first teaser poster of the sequel has been released.

The art features the franchise’s classic logo covered in snow – which could indicate that the story will be set in a New York winter.

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Check out the art:

A new film will be featured again Ernie Hudson McKenna Graceball Root This is Gary CoonIn addition to introducing Patton Oswald, Kumail Nanjiani, James Acaster This is Emily Allyn Lind.

Gil Kenan (‘A Casa Monstro’) takes over the movement.

Jason ReitmanThe previous film’s director will serve as co-producer Kenan This is Jason Blumenfeld.

Reitman He expressed his desire to bring in new talent to the franchise:

“We wanted to make a movie that opened up that universe to all kinds of stories. I want to see ‘Ghostbusters’ movies made by all my favorite directors, and I hope this movie gives them that opportunity.

A hit at the theatres,’Ghostbusters: Beyond‘ is elevated $200 million All over the world.

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