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Cssio's record and Paulisto's 1977 record represent the Corinthians' victory behind the scenes.  research

Cssio’s record and Paulisto’s 1977 record represent the Corinthians’ victory behind the scenes. research

Corinthians defeated Fluminense 1-0, and played in the New Coimica Arena, in a match valid for the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship. On Thursday night, the club launched the scenes of victory – see below.

The video posted by Corinthians begins with photos of players arriving at the Neo Química Arena. Soon, Flávio de Oliveira appeared with his fiery speech before the match against Fluminense.

“The competition is tough, I don’t even need to tell you, in the last match we saw. We can do more! You have to run and score! There are people who have a lot more time here than me, so said Almighty, physical coach.”

Sylvinho also spoke before the match. The coach asked his players to be competitive, as well as demand a good defense from Corinthians.

“Gentlemen, the game is about good defense. I’ve already spoken once and I’m speaking the second time: defend well. You have to feel, and enforce. You start with 11 and end with 11, standing. Sweat, sweat, it’s a tough match…we We need the whole group. We need those vibrations and energy!” the instructor demanded.

Post-game interviews

The first to speak to CorinthiansTV It was Gustavo Mosquito. The author of A Beautiful Help for Gabriel Pereira, Shirt 19 explained that the role he played in the game was largely coached by Sylvinho.

“Sylvinho really likes that opposite foot, right? We’ve been doing that already in training and it’s time to get that nice pass. The most important thing is winning and the strength of the group. Let’s move on, because we have a lot of things to look for. This year So far,” Mosquitoes celebrate.

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Shy, Gabriel Pereira spoke quickly. The owner of the beautiful goal in the victory over Fluminense celebrated the goal and sent a message to Phil.

“Important victory, happy to be able to score the first goal in front of the fans. Now is the time to focus on the next match, which is very important against Sao Paulo. A unique feeling. I wanted to be able to go up there. With them and celebrate together. You can be sure of That. Whenever I’m on the field I’ll do my best and always fight for them (the fans), “said the No. 38 shirt shyly.

Casio record

With a beautiful performance against Fluminense, Cassio became the goalkeeper with the most matches without conceding a Corinthians shirt. There are already 236 games without leaks. The T-Shirt 12 hugely celebrates the historic mark.

“Glory to God at this moment. Thank you to my co-workers, everyone in Corinthians, my family. I don’t go anywhere on my own, so I was very happy with this mark. Happy for the goalkeepers I passed, with the history here in Corinthians… I hope That I could help Corinthians survive so many games without conceding a goal. I embrace Vivol for the support I always have and go, Corinthians!”, cried Cassio.

Lecture with Basilio’s goal and video by Ze Maria

The video ended with a beautiful clip of Sylvino. In the pre-match lecture against Fluminense, the Corinthians coach recalled the 1977 title in Sao Paulo, as Parque São Jorge finished the 23-year-old’s waiting list without a title. In addition, he also tore the praises of Maria’s costume.

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“44 years ago this club was champion in 1977. 23 years after the title. 23 years waiting for a title. It was one of the symbols that represented this jersey in this game. Excited to race!This gentleman is Ze Maria.The symbol of that team and the history of this club, the coach concluded.

Watch the full video

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