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Cruzeiro defeats Vasco in a frantic match and jumps to the series table with

In a match with three goals, flipped on the scoreboard and sent off, Cruzeiro beat Vasco 2-1, this Thursday, in the sixth round of the tournament. Series B of the Brazilian Championship. Mateus Barbosa scored two goals – one of which was a superb one, puffing out the left corner of goalkeeper Loco. Murato waved the net to Cariocas.

With the victory, the Sea trip He won six places in the second division standings. The heavenly team left the seventeenth place and the relegation area to occupy the eleventh place with seven points.

In the next round, Cruzeiro faces a commitment against the CSA, in Massey, Alagoas. Departure is scheduled for Sunday (27th), at 8:30 p.m., at Re Belle Stadium. Coach Mozart will return to defender Weaverton, who was suspended on Thursday. Vasco, in turn, duels with Brusk, in Su Janorio, in Rio de Janeiro, also on Sundays, but at 9 p.m.

the game

Cruzeiro and Vasco played a lively first run at Mineiro. Although the technical level does not even resemble those of the confrontations between Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro in the past, the opening 45 minutes included a good spectacle: clear chances, movement, goals and even an expulsion.

After 8′, after a match in Cruzeiro’s defense, Morato made use of his leftovers and veered through Ramon to net the net defended by Fbio. 1 a 0. Cruzeiro, who was already better in the match, responded a few moves later. In the 14th minute, Marcinho hit a corner kick, Sobis gave a light header touch to the first stick, and Matthew Barbosa, well positioned, only had to play at the back of the goal. 1 a 1.

Cruzeiro scored on the goal line and managed to put pressure on Vasco’s attempt to build, taking the lead on the scoreboard in a move that began after Bruno Jos had regained the ball. In 27 minutes, he led the striker to the finish line and crossed into the area. The ball fell into the hands of Felipe Augusto, on the left side, who found Mateus Barbosa free at the entrance to the area. At first, the defensive midfielder scored a beautiful goal in Mineiro. 2 A 1.
Less than ten minutes after the heavenly goal, confusion occurred at least four minutes into the match. Romulo and Bruno Gomez faced each other after a tough split. Defender Paolo arrived from Cruzeiro to try to separate them and ended up sending him off. Vasco athlete also received a red card.
The second half had less feelings. Ahead of the scoreboard, Cruzeiro began to adopt the strategy of reaction and waited for Vasco. Caracas came to scare in the 26th minute, when he tested Juninho from outside the area and almost surprised goalkeeper Fabio, who swung into the back line. Despite attempts, Alfinegro failed to score, and Cruzeiro confirmed his second Serie B victory.