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Criciúma beats bearish ABC, takes second place in Series B and is closer to reaching

Criciúma beats bearish ABC, takes second place in Series B and is closer to reaching

Eder scored Tigre’s goal that led to a 1-0 win over Rio Grande do Norte

Criciúma beat ABC with a score of 1-0 on the evening of Tuesday the 7th of this month at the Heriberto Hülse Stadium. The result of the match, valid for the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship’s second division, not only returns Tigre to the group of four, but also places Carvoeiro in second place in the competition. Eder, the best on the field, scored the only goal of the match.

The win also paves Criciúma’s path to the Primera Division, where he can rely solely on himself to ascend to the elite of national football. Tigre will now play an away match against Guarani next Tuesday, the 14th, at 7pm, at the Brenco de Ouro da Princesa Stadium. ABC, which has already been relegated, hosts Juventus on the same day, at 9:30pm, at the Rey Pele Stadium.

With control, Criciúma took the lead

In a move in which the fans and Criciúma players demanded a penalty kick, Tigre succeeded in ending the match. On a ball thrown into the area, Eder blocks the light and Jonathan cuts it off. In the remainder of the period, Felipe Matheus was finished, already falling into the ABC goalkeeper’s defence. The Coal team saw Jonathan’s handball during play, but the referee did not award the penalty kick.

Tigre was playing against a team that had already been relegated and wanted to get back into the group of four, and he was putting pressure on them. Eight minutes later, Michael saved ABC twice. At first, Arilson broke into the area, received the ball and shot it hard, only for the goalkeeper to clear it. In the next step, another ball was passed into the Elefante area and Eder cleared it for Michael to defend again.

All the dangerous moves were in favor of the Carvoeiro team at the beginning of the first half. Thus, Higor ended the match in the 15th minute and excited the fans. Claudinho advanced and dribbled past two opponents, playing in front of Higor, who controlled, twisted and hit. The ball deflected off Romario and went out along the baseline, but was close to the post defended by the Rio Grande do Norte team.

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With 20 minutes gone, another good chance for Tigre. Machias passed the ball to Felipe Matheus in the middle and the midfielder finished off the ball. Michael calmed down and prevented a change in the outcome.

After a lot of effort, the goal came

With a quick pass, Tigre was able to score the net. Felipe Matheus took the throw, Higur tried to take control and the ball went to Eder. The experienced striker took control, cleared the ball and sent a low ball into Michael’s right-hand corner. No chances for the ABC goalkeeper and 1-0 for Criciúma.

The trichome pressure continued. Eder stepped up and played Arrelsson free on the left side. The midfielder invaded the area and kicked the ball across. The low shot ended up in the net, but from the outside.

The Rio Grande do Norte team managed to get the first shot after just 36 minutes. ABC took a quick throw-in and the ball reached Wellinton on the right side. He beat Marcelo Hermes and hit hard. Gustavo closed the corner and the submission exploded in his chest.

There was still time for Criciúma to try again before half-time. Eder made a beautiful three-fingered pass to Higur inside the penalty area. The striker took control, turned and touched the ball to Felipe Matheus, who entered the penalty area. The midfielder arrived to shoot and Jonathan appeared to cut the ball off at the precise moment to avoid Tigre’s second goal.

ABC also had one last chance at the first. On a cross ball inside the area, Wellinton cleared the ball to touch the post, and then the Carvoeira defense cleared it.

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Eder is on the rise

Eder was the name of the game. At 36 years old, the striker looked like a boy on the field. In addition to scoring the goal, he competed for all the balls and caused havoc in the ABC defence. Ten minutes after the start of the second half, he almost scored the second goal. After being fouled in the middle, Eder took the penalty kick and sent it close to Michael’s goal.

But next to number 23 there was number 31, Higur. Quickly on the right side, he penetrated the area in the 13th minute and shot strongly. The ball exploded onto the crossbar.

The match was so favorable for Criciúma that even the winger risked scoring a goal. In the 17th minute, right-back Jonathan opened the attack and put his right foot into the ball. The shot passed near ABC’s right post and went to the baseline.

The Rio Grande do Norte team almost equalized and conceded a goal from Tigre under the crossbar

Although they were already relegated and had nothing to lose, coach Argyle Fox’s team did not give up and almost succeeded in equalizing the score in the 21st minute. Nathan Melo received it in the half-moon and tried to put the ball into the corner of Gustavo, who was ahead. The shot came very close to the goal.

On the other hand, the ABC team almost scored a goal, as in the 24th minute, the players of the Rio Grande do Norte team were able to celebrate a move in favor of Tigre as if it was a goal. Felipe Viso received the ball on the edge of the box, dribbled it past the mark and had all he needed to finish the game off. He chose to play in front of Higor, who also dribbled over the marker and played over the top. Habrow, on the goal line, snapped the ball.

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ABC even tried a shot from outside the area by Matheus Angus in the 48th minute. From midfield, he finished strongly, but Gustavo, who was in a good position, made a calm save.

Tigre did not expand because he did not want to. In the 50th minute, Marquinhos Gabriel stepped up and passed it to Felipe Viso, who did not complete it again and wanted to pass it to Fabinho, who also tried to clear the shot, so he took his time and sent it over the mark, making the score 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Criciúma Art Card 1 x 0 ABC

a race: Brazilian Series B Championship Round 35.

date: Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

local: Herberto Hulz Stadium, in Criciuma (SC).

time: 9:30 pm.

Total audience: 15,074

Gross income: 308,460.00 Brazilian Real

Control: Arthur Gomez Rabelo, 31, was selected for the match with Fabiano da Silva Ramires and Pedro Amorim de Freitas as field assistants. The trio from Espirito de Santo. In the video assistant referee (VAR) room were Rio player Philippe Jorge Bennett (referee) and Diogo Carvalho Silva (assistant).

yellow card: Eder, Machias, Marcelo Hermes and Christophe (CRI); Gedelson, Thony Anderson, Ramon and Romario (ABC)

Red card: I did not have

Objectives: Eder (24′ 1°T)


Gustavo. Jonathan, Rodrigo, Alison Maya and Marcelo Hermes; Arrelson, Machias (Romulo), Claudinho (Christophe) and Felipe Mateus (Marquinus Gabriel); Eder (Felipe Viso) and Higor (Fabinho).

Coach: Claudio Tencati


Michael; Gedelson (Alex Silva), Habrow, Jonathan (Faricio) and Romario; Nathan Mello, Ramon and Thony Anderson; Wellinton (Gevinho), Alisson (Mattheus Anjou), and Fabio Lima (Maicon Douglas).

Coach: Argyle Fox