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Create your own version in Funko Pop!  now

Create your own version in Funko Pop! now

You Funkos Pop! They are known for their large heads and distinctive features that represent characters from different universes.

They are adored by fans Culture Pop Art Action figure collectors are spread all over the world.

With all this popularity, it is now possible to create your own model. correct!

Photo: Sergey Hmurchak/Adobe Stock/Reproduction

The origin of Funko Pop! It dates back to 1998, when Mike Baker founded Funko with a clear mission: to create a line of Collectible dolls That captivates pop culture fans.

An avid collector himself, Baker had a desire to share his passion for collectible figures with the world, and with that desire he began this project, which became so popular that Microsoft helped him create it. !

Surprise yourself with your very own Funko Pop version!

With help Microsoft Designer And artificial intelligence, you can create your own digital version in the style of Funko Pop.

To do this, follow a simple step-by-step guide, which we'll describe below, and transform yourself into Funko in just a few steps!

Use Microsoft Designer image builder

1. To start creating, you must access Microsoft Designer. Do it through From this link.

2. Then sign in with your Microsoft account and use the command you want to register for.

3. In the text field, you must write the required properties of the digital puppet. The ideal is to use commands in English to facilitate the accuracy of the properties. To do this, you can use Google Translate. However, if you prefer to follow along in Portuguese, it is also possible.

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4. After describing the characteristics you want your Funko to have, click “Create” and wait for the automatic production process.

Create your own version of Funko Pop! – Image: Reproduction

5. You're done! After choosing the version you like the most, now simply share your Funko version on your device Social media!

If you don't like any of them, you can repeat the process and change the order.

Fun is guaranteed with your Funko Pop! Digital – Image: Reproduction

Don't waste time and create your own digital version in Funko Pop style now! It's easy, fun and free!

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