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Covid is finally rising from masks, it's not the fourth wave

Covid is finally rising from masks, it’s not the fourth wave

For Public Health Physician Gonzalo Vecina, The increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations for covid-19, which has been recorded in some statesnot because of a new wave of the epidemic, but because of the early easing of the measures that imposed the use of masks.

Vesina said during her participation in UOL News – Morninga program UOL . channel.

Speaking of “lifting” the “state of health emergency”, Vesina referred to the decree published at the end of April by Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga, Which by decree made the termination of the state of emergency official due to covid-19.

The Espen Decree (a public health emergency of national importance) was This allowed the emergency approval of vaccines and the purchase of hospital supplies without bidding. At the time, Quiroga spoke of a decrease in the number of cases to justify the action.

However, about a month after this measure, the percentage of positive tests for covid-19 is increasing in São Paulo, and the rate of transmission of the disease in Brazil as well.

“We have to keep using masks for a long time,” Vesina highlighted, noting the need for residents to continue using them indoors. He added, “What is happening is the result of the extinction of masks, not a fourth wave.”

yesterday, The moving average of COVID-19 cases was stable in Brazil, but only after it continued to rise for 11 consecutive days.according to data from the media consortium through which UOL bit.