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Court suspends judicial recovery of 123 Milhas due to previous findings;  Understands

Court suspends judicial recovery of 123 Milhas due to previous findings; Understands

The judicial recovery of the travel company 123 Melas has been temporarily suspended. The decision was taken by Judge Alexandre Victor de Carvalho, of Specialized Chamber No. 21 Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG).

the reason is Advance observationwhich is the legal action that is sought Check operating conditions For the company and Regularity of documents Provided at the beginning of the application

TJMG will judge whether the 123-mile refund is truly viable.source: Juarez Rodriguez/TJMG

This action was carried out at the request of Banco do Brasil, the company’s largest creditor, with amounts owed amounting to R$97.1 million. The Foundation notes that “the companies did not submit all the documents required by law to enable judicial recovery procedures.”

Plus 123 miles He would not have provided the full list of creditorsIt is another document required by law for complete knowledge of the company’s financial situation.

The suspension will be valid until the end of the examination, which will be conducted by professionals already appointed by the judge. The whole process It may take up to 180 daysThis is the period during which legal proceedings against the company are paralyzed. However, The charges are still active that it The company’s work was not hindered.

TJMG will judge, in addition to the previous result, whether the company actually has the ability to continue with the judicial recovery process and pay creditors. Or if you will be declared bankrupt.

Remember the condition of 123 miles

The 123 Miles travel company scandal broke out August 2023When there are several travel offers Shipments scheduled between September and December this year It was suddenly cancelled. Customers affected by the decision did not receive a full refund, but A A “voucher” for spending with the same companywhich was implemented shortly afterwards A round of layoffs.

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Without expecting to achieve the revenues necessary to cover its own costs, the company filed a judicial recovery request at the end of last month. in everything, Total debt amounts to approximately R$2.3 billion.

Even the House of Representatives will analyze the issue, which could be considered a financial pyramid given the way the promotional ticket sales model works.