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Corsa wins the Ferrari 488 in the Speed ​​Challenge

The Chevrolet Corsa beat the Ferrari 488lane in a speed challenge organized by the British YouTube channel قناة move it. This feat was ensured by a series of modifications to the famous car, which delivered 1,216 horsepower generated by the twin 2.0 16V DOHC turbocharged Vauxhall engines.

The turbocharged Corsa engine has a torque of 132 kg/m and a six-speed gearbox. The modified car weighs 1250 kg, which is just over 200 kg compared to the original model. Vehicle traction can be front, rear, or even integrated.

On the other hand, the Ferrari 488 Pista, in addition to the brand’s design and charm, has a twin-turbo 3.8 V8 engine and a power of 720 hp to move its weight of 1280 kg. The Italian super sports car has a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Corsa x Ferrari

In his first 400m challenge, Ferrari covered the track in 11 seconds versus the Corsa’s 11.9 seconds. In a second challenge, the sprint was done at 64 km/h to make up for the lack of mechanical fitment of the famous wheels and tires. The Chevrolet clocked 7.2 seconds in the 400 meters and was 0.3 seconds ahead of the sports car.

Finally, the Moss test was conducted when the car was driven at high speed with sudden left and right maneuvers.

Watch how the challenge was:

Ten years and 360 thousand Brazilian riyals investment

The Chevrolet Corsa was bought ten years ago for approximately 1,300 R$ by self-taught mechanic Adam Bird. The car owner spent about 360,000 Rls over a decade, saving from his job as a windshield cleaner, to prepare car modifications. To spend less money, all the mechanisms were installed by himself.

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The Corsa evolution story can be seen in the video below: