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Corinthians scored the second half below and tied with Minas in the National Futsal League

Corinthians scored the second half below and tied with Minas in the National Futsal League

On Friday, Corinthians entered the field for another match in the National Futsal League (LNF). In Ginásio Wlamir Marques, Timão tied 4-4 with Minas Tênis Clube.

Corinthians started the first phase by pressing Minas and soon managed to open the scoring in the number 10 shirt, Davis. However, the Minas Gerais team gained volume at the end of the match and took advantage of Corinthians’ mistakes to turn the score around.

In the second stage, Timão tried to chase the loss and opened the scoring in the first minutes with Levy and a beautiful pass from Deives. During the match, Corinthians saw Minas expand, but it didn’t take long for Corinthians to let everything be with Lucas and an own goal scored by Luiz.

With this result, Alvengro finished sixth in the table, with 20 points. Minas, in turn, comes in slightly seventh place, with 19 points.

Write it down, believer – Timão’s next match against Futsal Brasilia is on Tuesday, the 27th, at 7 pm. The confrontation is valid for the Brazilian Futsal Cup.


Coach Davidy Hudson could not count on Tatinho, who was handed over to the medical department. On the other hand, Alfingro Commander got Alan’s hard back.

Therefore, the Corinthians sent the following pentagram to the court: Lucas Oliveira, Daniel Japan, Yan, Luicinho, and Davis.

Minas Tennis Club, led by coach Daniel Lobato, chose the team with: Anderson. Ribeirao, Everton, Bale, Christian.

the game

First time

Corinthians started the game with a lot of passes and put pressure on Minas. Timão’s first chance came in the first few minutes, Yan picked it up in the middle and kicked hard towards the opposition goal, forcing a save from Anderson in fright.

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Minas was trying to put pressure on Corinthians, however, it was difficult to get out of the pressure. After that, Gogo Flores entered to take the free kick from the side, Canabaro received the cross, but the team’s goalkeeper from Minas Gerais defended well.

Parque São Jorge had another great chance and again with Yan the player got it completely free but couldn’t beat Anderson. Timão’s pressure continued and it made an impact. Daniel scored for Davies and the number 10 opened the scoring for the hosts.

In celebration, Corinthians had a counter-attack but the opposing goalkeeper avoided it as quickly as possible. Kanabaru attempted the kick and narrowly missed the score. Timão, with a lot of imposition, showed more and more of the homeowner.

In the 11th minute, Levy ran faster and tried to cross but could not find a teammate. Soon after, Minas took advantage with a counterattack but Timão immediately defended himself. Coach Deividy made another change to the game, promoting Allan’s relaunch.

The fans in the Wlamir Marques Stadium applauded loudly for the entry of the Corinthians star. Minas Gerais started to get bigger and had a couple of chances with the full-backs, but Corinthians’ defense was good.

Minas equalized in the 12th minute due to a mistake from Allan, who ended up getting in the way. Bill took advantage of the failure of the Corinthian athlete and left everything as it was. Daniel Gaboni quickly drove the ball to the left side, tried to pass, and Alan, who was ready to receive the ball, finished it off.

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Timão made a nice move with the trio of Deives, Luizinho and Daniel Japonês and came close to expanding the scoreboard. Parque São Jorge pressed harder and got two big chances with Gugu Flores and Daniel.

Minas ended up turning the game around five minutes into the match. He expected the Corinthian goalkeeper and when he recovered he missed the pass, Maia was completely empty and extended for the visitors. The game was heading towards the final minutes of the first half and Corinthians sought to make up for the loss.

Alvinegro’s captain asked to stop in time so he could give instructions to the players. Timão was running the game and had more clear chances than Minas, but the final kick was missed. Corinthians were unable to equalise, despite strong pressure in the dying seconds. Then the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half.


Corinthians returned to court with a much larger purpose: Try to reverse the defect on the scoreboard. As in the first stage, Timão scored in front and soon managed to equalise. Deives crossed on the right side, the ball hit Levy’s stomach, and blew into the net.

It didn’t take long for Corinthians to get scared, goalkeeper Lucas made a brilliant save and prevented the opponent from expanding. Timão and Minas both dared to show strength on the field. Hugo, from Minas Gerais, recovered the ball and shot it towards the home team’s goal, but Lucas defended it.

As Minas grew in the game, he made the Corinthians goalkeeper work harder and started in Timao’s corner. Luizinho had a great chance to expand, but was fouled very hard on the edge of the area. The game was stopped for a few minutes until the athlete recovered.

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Minas counterattacked again, but Archer Corinthians put up a great defense. However, with a side charge, Minas scored the third goal, extending the advantage. Coach Deividy Hudson encouraged the entry of Gugu Flores in order to change the scenario of the game.

And the Corinthian player almost scored the third goal, but the ball was easy for goalkeeper Anderson to defend. Then Daniel Gabonese was dropped inside the area. Lucas took the free kick and the ball ballooned into the opponent’s goal, leaving everything untouched for Gennacio and Lamir Marquez..

Minas managed to get around in the final minutes of the game and on a set play. Deividy asked to stop again and made the following change: he put Yan as goalkeeper. Luiz of Minas Gerais ended up scoring an own goal and the match ended in a 4-4 draw.

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