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Corinthians sacked in justice due to debts related to midfielder Sornoza

Corinthians sacked in justice due to debts related to midfielder Sornoza

After winning a case against former players, Corinthians have been sued in court over a debt related to Ecuadorian midfielder Sornosa, currently loaned by Temau to Tijuana, Mexico. The information has been published before GloboEsporte.com.

The lawsuit is filed by Sornoza businessman, Bernardo Escanet, who He claims that he has not received two installments indicating the rights to the player’s image. The amount requested is 528,000 BRL And still, according to GiveAnd the Corinth claims he was not notified yet.

Sornoza arrived at the Corinthians in 2019 and it was decided that the club would pay 960,000 BRL, divided into four installments of 240,000 BRL, to the player’s agent company.

The businessman claims that he only received the first payment along with another 50,000 Brazilian reals in the last month of March. Consequently, the debt, which was initially 430,000 R $, could be increased by 100,000 R $ due to interest and attorney fees.

Throughout the Corinthians’ 2019 season, Sornoza played in 50 matches, scored a goal and provided 11 assists. Before the player was loaned to Tijuana, Mexico, the player was loaned to LDU Ecuador last season.

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