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Corinthians crush XV de Jaú to maintain 100% success in Paulista U-20 Stage Two

Corinthians crush XV de Jaú to maintain 100% success in Paulista U-20 Stage Two

Corinthians won again in the São Paulo Sub-20 Championship. The team, Friday, in Fazendanha, beat XV de Jaú with a score of 6-1, in a match valid for the fourth round of the second stage. Kevin, Cowie, Mateos Araujo, Peru, Riquelme and Giovanni, who also provided assists, scored the goals.

While playing at home, Timãozinho wasted no time and scored two goals at the start of the match. Throughout the match, XV de Jaú drew a reaction, but quickly stifled the Corinthians, leaving the place for the Round of 16 very well.

With 12 points, Corinthians have won all four matches in the second stage and are the leaders of Group 14. The first two in each group advance to eighth.

Write it down, believer! The U-20 team returns to the field next Thursday. Away from home, they face São Caetano, in the fifth round, at 11 a.m.

Lined up

Diogo Seston chose Corinthians with: Alan Gobetti; Liu Mana, Joao Pedro, Robert Renan and Reginaldo; Louis Mandaka, Ryan, Kevin Vinicius and Matthews Araujo; Giovanni and Kawi.

My Timon

the game

First time

Corinthians took the lead in attacking in the first minutes. XV de Ja’s locked defense forced the defenders from Alvinegro to exploit long balls, taking advantage of Giovane and Cauê’s speed up front.

In eight minutes, Timon opened the scoreboard. Kevin picked it up on the right and got past it. The ball crossed the area and reached the feet of Mateos Araujo. On the second stick, the No. 10 jersey took first place for the net.

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On the 12th, on the second arrival, Corinth scored again. Kawi stole the ball in attack and played with Giovanni. The goalkeeper went out to exchange the ball with the striker but soon played for the 9 shirt which only completed the empty goal..

Kawi also scored another goal at 12. Liu Mana took a long shot, and the ball deflected into the defense and fell forward into the area that hit the corner. However, he was in an offside position and the movement was canceled by the flag.

After 20 minutes, the pace of the match slowed down. The sweltering afternoon heat in São Paulo contributed to this. XV de Jaú equals offensive actions. The team arrived with greater risks and explored aerial balls.

At the age of 30, visitors have narrowed the gap. Robert Renan was out of play with Ryan and the defensive midfielder was disarmed. On the counterattack, Brian picked it up in the area and hit his left leg. Alan Gobetti failed to catch up.

After the fear, Corinthians entered the match again, and at the age of forty, in a new move from the two sides, scored the third goal.

Giovanni received the ball from the right flank and went on top of the defense. The attacker managed to slip into the area and cross into the middle. Kevin arrived knocking the ball and scoring. And the shirt repeated 11 the same movement in the next minute. This time the one who got the pass was Kawi who tried to email the goal but the shot was blocked by the defense.

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After that, Leo Mana crossed the ball on the second stick, Mandaka shook his head and Joao Pedro arrived, to test, but the goalkeeper made a great save.

Timon arrived in danger again in the next step. After the ball hit the middle, Cauê came out of the free on the goal and shot on the right flank. Archer went to another corner.


The teams came back from the end of the first half and the dynamics of the match followed the same. Corinthians got the ball more, pressed the goal and stopped the opponent’s defense. Despite insistence, Timao did not create clear opportunities and did not complete the goal.

At the age of 15, Giovanni got a great opportunity to score, but he missed. Kevin moved from the right, invaded the area and crossed low. Facing the goal, he hit the shirt 11 from the right but sent it out.

The fifteenth was the one who almost scored the second goal in a row. At 19, Carlinhos hit from the outside and Alan Gopetti jumped well and calmed down. The ball even slipped off the crossbar before it crossed the finish line.

At 22, Giovanni got another chance and took the chance. The attacker received the ball from the defense on the right flank, beat the lateral side in the body and conquered the area with the ball. With his left foot, he hit the goalkeeper’s exit and extended Corinthians’ advantage.

At 28, Kawi lost an impressive goal. Reginaldo arrived hitting the ball and the goalkeeper. I left the ball at the striker’s feet, facing the empty goal, but he ended up in horror and sent it off.

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Even with great superiority, Timao continued his attack and was not threatened in the last minutes.

In addition, there was still time to score two more goals for the Corinthians. in 48 Riquelme took advantage of the ball left in the area after a corner kick and shot it into the net. At 49, after the ball went out, Beru received it on the right and covered the guard and closed the account in Fazendinha.

Corinthian newspaper 6 x 1 XV de Jaú Technical

Contest: Sao Paulo U-20 Championship
Sweetened: Alfredo Shurig Stadium, Sao Paulo, SP
data: November 5, 2021 (Friday)
Hor Wacotrio: 3:00 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: The Battle of Mariana Nani
Auxiliaries: Mauricio Alexandrino and William de Carvalho Prestes
Objectives: Kevin Vinicius, Cowie, Mateus Araujo, Giovanni, Guilherme Perrault, Riquelme (Corinthians); Brian (15th of Zhao)

Corinth: Alan Gobetti; Liu Mana, Joao Pedro (Riquelme), Robert Renan (Murillo) and Luis Mandaka; Reginaldo, Kevin Vinicius (Richard), Ryan Wooy (Lucas Bellizzi); Matthews Araujo (Guilherme Perrault) and Giovanni (Arthur Souza).
idiomatic: Diogo Seston

XV DE JAÚ: Otavio. Carlinhos (Luan Albino), Mateus Katay, Alemao, Caique Henrique; Willian (Victor Hugo), Brian (Vitor Augusto), Kaka (Pedro Lucas), and Adrien (Bobo); Hegor (Kevin) and Fernando.
idiomatic: Isaac David

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