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Cop with makeup says she's called a stripper at work

Cop with makeup says she’s called a stripper at work

Police Officer Nicola Turner, 35, says she suffers from prejudice because of her work with makeup. In an interview with The Sun, the police officer said her fans likened her to a “striper”. football.

“There were about a hundred fans outside a pub in Essex (England), and almost everyone was pointing at me and started screaming,” says Turner, who has worked with police for 13 years.

“They told me I was just a stripper in a police uniform. I was offended!” said the officer, who still did not fail to beautify himself, explaining why.

“I feel like the best version of myself when I put on makeup, it makes me more confident,” says Turner, who grew up wearing makeup. “My mother told me to take care of my appearance, and to stay clean and tidy,” she said.

In addition to recounting fans who harassed her at the bar, Turner recounts a time she was compared to a stripper in a train car, when she then participated in security at the venue.

“My colleagues and I rode on a train where a men’s soccer team was traveling.” Upon leaving the premises, the police officer told her, “The team thought you were going to take their clothes off for them.”

“They thought I was there to entertain them rather than work as a police officer,” Turner told The Sun.

A British woman also lost credibility when she walked in a uniformed shopping mall. “Look at her in red lipstick,” she said. “Who do you think it is?”

“For me, as long as I do my job, it doesn’t matter how I look.”

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