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Consumer Electronics Show 2024 |  A glove that helps with the movements of Parkinson's patients

Consumer Electronics Show 2024 | A glove that helps with the movements of Parkinson's patients

Tech startup GyroGear announced the GyroGlove at CES 2024. This glove can stabilize hand movement and help Parkinson's patients

January 11
– 4:30 pm

(Updated at 6:57 p.m.)

At CES 2024, North American company GyroGear announced the GyroGlove, a glove that could help with the movements of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease — a chronic neurological condition that mainly affects the motor system, causing tremors, muscle stiffness, and slowness.

Image: Freepik/Canaltech

The idea behind this innovation is to help improve the quality of life of these patients, as it makes it possible to carry out daily activities that are not easy for those suffering from the disease, such as holding a pen, writing clearly, or holding a cup. of coffee without pouring it, for example.

The secret of the glove lies in the gyroscope (a device that uses the principle of conservation of angular momentum to maintain a specific orientation in space, resisting changes in direction) that resists the movement of the user's wrist, reducing the tremor caused by the disease. See how it works:


The creators' plan is to make a smaller gyroscope into future glove prototypes. “We want to shift the focus away from disease and back to the fact that we're talking about human life. That's what technology should do; “It is important that we focus on ourselves as people and understand how we can truly improve people’s lives,” GyroGear founder Dr. Faii Ong said in a statement.

Previously, other researchers have developed A Glove helps stroke patients To restore skills through a different technology: 16 sensors that allow the user to “feel” the surfaces or objects he touches, in a way that improves the movement of the hands and allows control of flexion and extension of the fingers.

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Technology helps Parkinson's patients

The GyroGear glove is further proof of this Technology is involved in the future of the fight against Parkinson's disease. Day after day, scientific innovations are coming to light with the promise of making the lives of these patients easier. In 2023, Brazilian researchers developed a A game that helps heal Parkinson's patients.

source: Consumer Electronics Show 2024, Straight Times

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