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"Confusion between hospice and detention home"

“Confusion between hospice and detention home”


Brito Jr. He was responsible for the program for five years

Photo 1: Reproduction / TV recording - Photo 2: Reproduction / Instagram Britto Júnior
Photo 1: Reproduction / TV recording – Photo 2: Reproduction / Instagram Britto Júnior

farm 14 Despite his success, he did not please famous columnists and artists. Confusion, rivalry, verbal and physical attacks left heavy energy in the headquarters reality Yet some pawns go beyond common sense with their rivals and go all-or-nothing.

With many positive and negative messages, Lt. Col. Brito Jr. said. He decided not to delete what he thought about the current program he was already presenting. For seniors and fans of gravity, Britto was ahead of the first five issues of the show, coming in in 2009 and leaving in 2014. On Twitter, he said what he thought and seemed to be enjoying what he saw.

I was asked: What did you do with A Fazenda? Turned into a combination of shelter and detention! I’m sad because I wasn’t supposed to get to this level.”Lieutenant-Colonel released. This is not the first time the celebrity has spoken out about his opinion, he has criticized the program on other occasions.

In the mid-90s, the celebrity was one of the most appreciated journalists of the Globo group, but in 2005 he decided to change the channel, where, along with the blonde Anna Hickman and Edo Geddes, in front of Hoje em Dia, later joined by Chris Flores. Today, Prieto is on social media to inform his fans of the daily news.

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