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Commentators praise Luis Castro and the variety of options in Botafogo's squad and believe there is a vacancy in the Libertadores: 'You can dream'

Commentators praise Luis Castro and the variety of options in Botafogo’s squad and believe there is a vacancy in the Libertadores: ‘You can dream’

joy. After some negative speculation, commentators are beginning to realize that Botafogo can fight for big things in the Brazilian Championship. The day after the 3-1 win over Fortaleza, Monday morning ESPN’s “ESPN F360” applauded the work done by coach Luis Castro.

Botafogo fans understand that there is a process going on. It’s above expectations for what we had at the time. Fan expectations have grown a lot since JT’s arrival. But even this expectation may not have foreseen such a rapid alignment. As much as the reinforcements haven’t been fully delivered yet, they are already fully active, and finding their place. Patrick de Paula started to be important, with two goals in a row. Luis Castro is not only guided by populist decisions. Yesterday he could have put Mateus Nascimento, in need of the score, opting to boost the match in midfield, Patrick explores the indoor match. It was a game of wits for Botafogo, as he knew how to take advantage of Fortaleza’s lack, and try to explore the game from the middle. It is an example of how Luis Castro understood actors and used it not only to create media – most notably Breiller Pires.

Another commentator at the table, Abel Neto, said Botafogo could fight for a place in the Libertadores in the year they return to Serie A.

– What happened yesterday is really an example of the highest quality acting. Patrick entered the second half and decided that Chih-Chi was the initiator, as Chai started off the bench; Isn’t this a sample of actors starting to build up? This package will likely continue into the middle of the year. It was a well-deserved victory, but with passion. When I said that Botafogo would fight for the Libertadores, she was killed on that program – Abel recalls.

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– They have already beat Ciara there, they have already won the Classic with Flamengo, which is the win of the year for the fans … Yesterday they faced a tough opponent, Fortaleza today is one of the main teams in the country, don’t be fooled by the table. The city of Botafogo won the confidence of the masses with the result. Had it been by name, Patrick Paula would not have been sitting on the bench, for example. It’s a very promising team. More than just a dream in a spot in the Libertadores…why not? – Note Celso Unzelt.

– Eight Secret, Seven Secret… At worst, Six Secret… You can pinch. I don’t think it should be the goal, the goal should be a smooth campaign, but it is possible to dream – concludes presenter William Tavares.