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Clube do Remo won the Vitória-ES and advanced to the Copa do Brasil

Clube do Remo booked a place in the second stage of the Brazilian Cup by defeating Vitória-S 1-0, on Thursday night (23rd). The match was played at Estádio Salvador Costa, Ninho da Águia, in Espiritu Santo. The only goal in the match was scored by Muriqui in the second half. Now, Liao Sao will face Luiz RS, who eliminated Juventude.

With the rating, Filho da Glória e do Triunfo provides pockets of another R$900,000, in addition to the R$750,000 received for participating in the national competition. The second phase is scheduled to take place on the eighth or fifteenth of next March. The Brazilian Football Confederation has yet to confirm the details. As in the initial phase, the decision is made in a single game, with the field order determined in a tie.

throw to throw:

📷 The draw for the next stage must be held on Friday, March 2 |Samara Miranda / Club do Remo

First time:

Remo started to show signs that he would dominate the first few minutes, but saw the hosts push up their marking lines and force the Blues into errors getting the ball out. Leão looked for quick attacks, but encountered technical and even tactical difficulties, seeing the opponent close to the area several times.

Even with on-pitch adversities, Filho da Glória e do Triunfo achieved a first half that fell well short of expectations. Filled with passing, transition, and completion errors, Remo didn’t do much to take advantage of it. The best chance came in the 35th minute, when Ochoa cleared the ball after a corner kick and Okaro single-handedly kicked goalkeeper Camilato’s goal. More committed in search of goal, Vitória struggled on the technical side and the first half ended at zero.

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Remo came back smarter in the last 45 minutes. In five minutes he created two good chances for Muriqui. At first, the goalkeeper dribbled and touched back. Diego Tavares arrived as he took off. Soon after, the attacker stole the ball, invaded the area, and kicked the goalkeeper. Tactically adjusted better, Leão did not give Vitória space to counter-attack.

However, in the 11th minute, Alvianel da Capital found space behind the blue left-back and stopped Eddie Carlos Vinicius, who made a beautiful one-on-one save. With the improvement of the Blues on the field, spaces appeared, and in the 17th minute, Muriqui took advantage of one of them to invade the area from the left side and beat goalkeeper Camilato, and opened the scoring in Ninho da Aguia. Then, Warley had a good chance in the 47th minute, but Vinicius defended and secured a 1-0 victory.

Upcoming games:

Turning the switch on the Brazilian Cup and turning its attention, once again, to the Campeonato Paraense, Leão Azul will now face Cametá, in Parazão’s fourth round. The match will take place next Sunday (26), at Baineau Stadium, in Belem, starting at 5 pm. Vitória-es Rio Branco, also on Sunday, hosts the Capixaba tournament, starting at 3 p.m.