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Children with autism may miss appointments after defaulting

Children with autism may miss appointments after defaulting

The unit will not pay for services rendered during the month of March; Clinics will suspend services from May 8 and vacancies will be held until May 12 only

Children with autism who are assisted by the Unimed Fama de Boa Vista Health Plan may lose medical and treatment services from next Monday (08). The health unit will lag behind the clinics that provide the service and that have announced the suspension of member services.

The children’s parents went to the FolhaBV to denounce the situation. One of them is attorney Ruggero Carvalho, father of a two-year-old boy, who may not receive the medical and treatment care that helps his son to thrive.

“Alberto was diagnosed with autism and since then we have submitted a request to Unimed to be able to undergo treatments ranging from Nutrition, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapy and Psychology. Since January he has been doing this and today (04) we were surprised with this statement stating that as of the 8th day, His service will be suspended due to Unimed’s default”said the father.

Officials learned of the potential loss of care after five clinics revealed that Unimed would not abide by behavior modification terms signed between them, the Roraima State Public Ministry (MP-RR), the Boa Vista Municipal Consumer Advocacy Executive Secretary and the Health Unit. As a result, it was not possible to fully pay for the services provided by the clinics every 30th of the month, especially for March of this year.

According to the statement, UNIMED was notified, but there was no position from the health unit regarding the payment. And the clinics decided to suspend all aid to beneficiaries until the full discharge of the due payments, in addition to keeping vacancies for children only until the twelfth of next Friday. Clinics have also been informed that if payment delays are repeated, services will be suspended immediately, “beginning on the business day after the date specified for payment, as set forth in Section 4, Paragraph 1 of the TAC.”

“Many families depend on these services and I am asking for an urgent solution to the predicament. We have already sought Procon so that Unimed will fully comply with the TAC because we are paying so much for the health plan to remain unaided.”Ruggiero said.

Parents Procon and MPRR have already sought to resolve the situation. FolhaBV Unimed Fama has sought a position on the situation and is awaiting a response.

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