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Passengers cannot leave Fernando de Noronha - 10/17/2022 - Daily Life

Passengers cannot leave Fernando de Noronha – 10/17/2022 – Daily Life

Dozens of Gol customers shared Fernando de Noronha They don’t know when they will be able to return to their destinations. The stalemate has been going on since the twelfth, when he was I am The National Civil Aviation Agency has restricted the operations of turboprop aircraft in the archipelago in Pernambuco.

Gul did not reveal the number of affected passengers, but it says that it will carry out an additional operation in partnership with another company, next Wednesday (19), to serve them.

according to I amThis action is due to ascertain the risks to the safety of operations, passengers and crew and will continue until the airport proves that it has complied with the decisions.

The suspension affected Gol customers, who operated two flights per day between Recife and the archipelago with precisely this type of aircraft. Since then, passengers have been waiting for a solution from the company to return home.

“More than a dozen cancellations have already been made in the month of October alone. The financial loss has exceeded R$50,000. Unfortunately, we have nothing to do. It is essential that work be done at the airport. Now we just have to wait. We just have to wait,” said Marcelo Cardoso, Hotel Manager. in Fernando de Noronha.

In 2019, according to Anac, during the inspection, a deterioration in the extensions of the track was found, which is still at an average level of severity, and this needs to be restored. The work will not be carried out until September 26 this year.

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Anac said only occasional, palliative repairs were made, using cold pre-mixed asphalt — this type that does not have sufficient adhesion to the existing layer of asphalt and tends to sag when the pavement is under stress during turbojet operation.

Gol claimed to have warned customers through several channels, since the sixth day.

The company said that it will carry out on Wednesday (19) additional operations in partnership with Voepass to serve passengers with tickets for the Noronha/Recife extension that are still on the archipelago and stated that it offers all the facilities, according to the needs of each case.

The government of Pernambuco, through the Seinfra (Secretariat for Infrastructure and Water Resources of Pernambuco), said it is investing more than R$60 million in fully rehabilitating Fernando de Noronha Airport to adapt it to current and future models of aircraft movement on the island.

Initial restoration of the runway began October 6, according to Sinfra, with materials and equipment mobilized for repairs.

The duration of this work is 60 days, after the completion of this stage, a new inspection of the equipment is planned by Anac. Other interventions, which include readjustment of path capacity, pavement rehabilitation, drainage system and marking implementation should be completed within 12 months.

Dix Aeroportos, the airport concessionaire, said, in Note in early Octoberwhich, since 2019, the Infrastructure and Water Resources Secretariat has begun the rehabilitation of the runway in an emergency manner, after which the complete restructuring will be carried out.

The company also stated that it has invested more than R$1 million in maintenance work on the runway in order to ensure safe operating conditions.

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