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Charles III supports investigation of British monarchy’s role in slavery |  the world

Charles III supports investigation of British monarchy’s role in slavery | the world

King Charles III on Thursday voiced support for a research project into the British monarchy’s role in slavery, the first of its kind in Britain, whose colonial past has sparked growing criticism of the royal family.

“This is an issue Her Majesty takes very seriously,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman said in a statement in response to the publication in The Guardian newspaper of a document showing financial exchanges between a slave trader and King William III, who reigned between 1689 and 1689. and 1702.

The Historic Royal Palaces Organisation, which manages some royal palaces, is a partner in this independent research project led by a University of Manchester historian.

“The Royal Family is supporting this inquiry with access to the Royal Collection and Royal Archives,” the palace said.

In recent years, in the United Kingdom and its former colonies, there has been increased criticism of the country’s imperial, slave and colonial past and the monarchy’s involvement in this process.

Last year, Prince William and his wife Kate’s tour of the Caribbean turned into a disaster, and Charles III’s eldest son had to apologize for Britain’s servile past.

The British royal family faces accusations of racism, echoed by criticism of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

However, since taking the throne, Charles III, who will be crowned in a month, has made changes to the way the royal family publicly approaches this part of the country’s history.

In November, he said that England’s role in the slave trade should not be hidden.

“We must recognize the mistakes that shaped our past,” Charles said at last year’s Commonwealth Heads of State Summit. He also said he continues to deepen his own understanding of slavery’s lasting impact.

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“This process has continued with vigor and determination since His Majesty ascended the throne,” the palace asserted.