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Charging your cell phone in your car may be the worst mistake you can make.

Charging your cell phone in your car may be the worst mistake you can make.

Currently, no one leaves the house without a mobile phone in their pocket, the device stores a lot of information. There is a growing number of digital services and resources that make everyday life easier. Therefore, sometimes there is a need to charge the device. However, you should still consider the risks of charging the device in certain environments, such as a car.

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Have you ever charged your cell phone in the car?

When you’re in a hurry, people tend to imagine that anything goes to restore the battery. However, not all power supplies are sufficient and tend to overwhelm the recharging process.

During the routine, try planning to charge your cell phone before you leave the house. On long trips, when you really need it, charge it, but be sure to take a few precautions.

See what precautions you need

If you need to charge your cell phone in your car, make sure your car charger is approved. Use original chargers approved by Anatel to prevent accidents such as explosions.

Remember not to leave the device exposed to the sun and connect the USB after the car has been started. This procedure prevents a short circuit due to the sudden reception of electric current, which will lead to damage to the product.

Charging your cell phone in the car: The main risks

As mentioned, don’t charge the electronics in the car except with some justification. First, the interior space of the vehicle overheats, which increases the risk of fires.

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Another problem is that if the voltage is higher, the device can burn out, causing damage to it. And you can even plug it into your dashboard and think nothing happens, but the wear and tear that happens in the long run.

The longer a cell phone battery is exposed to an incompatible power source, the shorter its life. And back to the issue of long commutes, consider purchasing a portable charger.