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Chapeco has safeguards for the carnival

Chapeco has safeguards for the carnival

Photo: Disclosure/Chapeco City Hall

In this period around Carnival, the Chapeco Health Department implemented a series of measures to prevent contamination by sexually transmitted diseases. One of them was on Friday (09), at Prasa Coronel Bertaso, with orientation and distribution of male and female condoms and rapid testing for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C. Vassimovil was also present.

According to HIV/AIDS Specialized Care Service Coordinator, Fanis Putzel, by 5 p.m., about 60 patients had been treated and more than 200 tests had been performed.

According to Chapeco's Minister of Health, Jader Daniele, similar measures have also been implemented in recent days in family health centres; Providing rapid testing for sexually transmitted diseases; Health and waiting room education on STD prevention; Guidance on PrEP and PEP.

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In addition, orientation, testing and counseling were carried out on Tuesday, in partnership with the Secretariat of Family and Social Protection, at the Carnival of the Elderly, at the Plinio Arlindo de Nice Cultural and Event Center.

The Specialized Care Service – SAE is located at Rua Jorge Lacerda, 75, Centro, attached to the municipal clinic. The service serves and monitors patients undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS, from Chapeco and 36 other municipalities.

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