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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Instant Games and win a PS5

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Instant Games and win a PS5

The instant games It celebrates its 10th anniversary and a symbolic milestone because this one is equally worthy of celebration.

From May 20-29, Instant Games users can qualify for a series of highly coveted prizes, including today’s most popular (and coveted) consoles: we’re talking about PlayStation 5, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch OLED.

The PlaySation 5 is probably the most sought after console in recent months, with stock disappearing within seconds when new units become available; Xbox Series X and Game Pass are a perfect combination for gamers who want access to a large catalog of games.

Steam Deck lets you play your entire Steam library in portable mode, and with a Nintendo Switch OLED, you can play Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Splatoon like never before, on a vibrant 7-inch screen.

To qualify for the prizes, you will then have to participate every day in the gifts that belong to the days shown. For example, to participate in the PlayStation 5 raffle, you will have to do so on the 29th. Therefore, you will have to access instant games.

Therefore, prizes from Instant Gaming will be distributed through 10 gifts in 10 days, totaling €6000, not just for consoles. You can see them all in the list below:

  • May 20 – 1 Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card
  • May 21 – Xiaomi Mi 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor
  • May 22 – 1 Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 32 GB RAM
  • May 23 – 1 Hard Disk Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2T
  • May 24 – Intel Core i9-10900KF 3.70GHz
  • May 25 – 1 custom game color boy
  • May 26 – 1 OLED Switch
  • May 27 – 1 Xbox Series X
  • May 28 – 1 steam surface
  • May 29 – 1 PlayStation 5 digital
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If you want to get your hands on consoles (as well as PC components), this is the perfect time. Don’t forget to share!