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CDB of 130% and R0 cashback?  Pagbank launched a unique campaign

CDB of 130% and R$100 cashback? Pagbank launched a unique campaign

Unprecedented campaign to celebrate rebranding: PagBank announces a series of actions offering customers a series of benefits. Among them is the possibility of earning up to R$100 from cash backFor example.

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For a limited time, the campaign offers customers progressive benefits based on the use of machines, cards, investments, bill payment with a credit card or via a ticket search engine, as well as cell phone recharge, gift cards, Pix key enrollment, FGTS prediction and even INSS payroll loan. In practice, a customer who uses one of these products will earn $10 per service, with the possibility of accumulating R$100.

Pix Lock

However, the benefits don’t stop there. This is because customers who hire Pix Insurance will be exempt from tuition fees for two months. For those who have never invested in PagBank, the offer is tempting: a CDB yield of 130% of the CDI of investments from R$100. In practice, the product has a maturity date of 90 days, daily liquidity and returns that exceed savings.

Who can participate

The campaign will be available in the months of July and August, therefore, all PagBank customers can participate. In addition, it is important to emphasize that it is not necessary to register to participate.

In short, customers who want to consult the offers for which they will be eligible, simply access the Promotions area of ​​the app, under “Products and Services”. There you will find all exclusive offers.

About PagBank.com

Pagbank has a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, prepaid and meal cards, as well as bank transfers and payments via bank slip and account balance. Finally, the investment funds are distributed by BancoSeguro SA, with the mandate of the Central Bank of Brazil, AMBIMA Securities and Exchange Commission.

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