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Cavicioli shines, America-MG beats Santos at home in the Brazilian League - 07/03/2021

Cavicioli shines, America-MG beats Santos at home in the Brazilian League – 07/03/2021

América-MG beat Santos 2-0 tonight (3), at Independence Stadium, in the ninth round of the Brazilian Championship. Joao Paulo scored a wonderful goal at the beginning of the second half in an attempt to cross and surprised the Santos goalkeeper, while Carlos Alberto took advantage of Jan Motta’s failure in the last minutes to close the score. But the star of the match was the goalkeeper of the host team. Mateus Cavicioli saved the team in at least three moves, one of them head-on with Marinho.

With this victory, America – MG qualifies to 14th place in the Brazilian league table, with nine points, while Pixi fell to seventh place with 12. The next commitment of the coach Mancini’s team is against Fortaleza, away, on Wednesday (7). As for the captain of Deniz, suspended after receiving his third yellow card today, the challenge will be the leaders of Atletico PR, on Tuesday (6), at Villa Belmiro. Assistant Marcio Araujo will be on the edge of the lawn.

Who Has Worked Well: Mateus Cavicioli

The goalkeeper saved América-MG on several occasions. Every time he was sent off, he was safe and made tough saves. Essential to a strong Wagner Mancini victory.

Who was wrong: Para

The right-back was once again one of Peixe’s main negative points. With a performance below expectations in some matches, he failed defenses and left Joao Paulo free to surprise the Santos goalkeeper.

Santos dominates

The referee barely whistled, and Felipe Jonathan was already giving work to America-MG. The hosts suffered from the intensity of coach Fernando Diniz’s team, who almost scored two minutes in the match.

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Without Caio Jorge, saving, Pixie went to the field with Marcus Guilherme impromptu alongside Marinho and Lucas Braga. The trio broke the Wagner Mancini defense so easily, but goalkeeper Cavicioli, one of those who worked hard, was very good when called up.

Miners suffer

América-MG suffered from Santos’ aggressiveness and was influenced by Deniz’s strategy. He barely managed to play at home, with difficulty penetrating the opponent’s defense. Kaique replaced Louan Perez, was released to take on Olympique de Marseille, and took on the job. The 17-year-old boy stood up for his own safety.

fish droppings

Mancini’s team even tried to catch Peixe, but saw Felipe Jonathan easily reach their area. Marcus Gilherme was also the protagonist in the attack. But both of them squandered their opportunities. Alvenegro was closer to opening the score, risking multiple times from distance. In all, there were 13 shots on target. However, he felt terrified in the last minutes. Ribamar received a cross in the measure with his head and the ball scraped Santos goal.

John Paul shine

After finishing the first half on high, America-MG came back better for the second stage. He did better on the ball and took advantage of Barra’s failure to mark. Joao Paulo hit a free cross, but scored a superb goal that surprised the Santos goalkeeper. Having taken the initiative, the miners closed the house and were able to achieve the result.

Santos sensed the goal, but had a great chance with Camacho, who fired from outside the area and made Cachecioli run all the way to the hunt. Archer had one of the best night for Mancini.

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Deniz even tried to adjust the team amid the substitutions. Moraes, after a month at Bixe, made his debut tonight at left-back and was nearly responsible for the equalizer. But still, Alvenegro could not be effective and everything they tried stopped in the hands of Caffeccioli.

Carlos Alberto enjoys

In the last minutes, Jean Motta lost the ball and took a break and watched Carlos Alberto seize the opportunity. The striker was one-on-one with Joao Paulo and pushed. A dramatic final for Deniz’s team, who are still unable to win as a visitor to Brazil.

data sheet
AMERICA-MG 2 X 0 Santos

local time: Independence Stadium in Belo Horizonte (MG), 7:00 pm (Brasilia time)
data: 03/07/2021, Saturday.
Rule: Denis da Silva Ribeiro Seraphim (AL)
Auxiliaries: Esdras Mariano de Lima Albuquerque and Brigida Cirilo Ferreira (both from AL)
Where: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinero (RN)
yellow cards: Parra, Fernando Diniz, Luis Felipe (San) – Eduardo, Z Ricardo, Ribamar (AME)
Objectives: Joao Paulo (1-0) – Carlos Alberto (2-0)

America-MG: Matthews Cavicioli, Eduardo, Anderson Jesus, Eduardo Bormann, Joao Paulo; Z Ricardo (Ramon), Juninho Vallora, Marcello Toscano (Juninho), Felipe Azevedo (Alan Rachel), Ribamar (Carlos Roberto) and Rodolfo. Technician: Wagner Mancini.

Santos: John Powell; Barra (Madson), Louise Phillipe, Kaichi and Felipe Jonathan (Carlos Sanchez); Guilherme Camacho, Jean Motta, and Gabriel Pirani (Morais); Marinho, Marcus Guilherme and Lucas Braga. Artistic: Fernando Deniz.