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Cat expressions and sounds translated by artificial intelligence

Cat expressions and sounds translated by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can make you talk to animals. It may sound crazy, but that’s what some scientists at the University of Lincoln are trying, at least roughly. The group tries to detect the cats’ expressions and meows.

“AI could be a valuable tool to expand our understanding of what animals are trying to communicate to us,” said Daniel Mills, professor of veterinary behavioral medicine at the University of Lincoln. Watchman.

It may not seem like it, but cats have a complex network of facial expressions for interacting with humans, and a practically distinct network for interacting with other cats.

Mills and his colleagues are already trying to use artificial intelligence to try to extract certain emotional states from the facial expressions of cats, dogs and horses.

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The researcher noted that artificial intelligence could be used to care for animals, for example to scan cows’ faces for signs of pain as they huddle together to get milk. “In fact, they can do a daily health check to see how happy they are.”

Study confirms that humans can communicate with cats (Credit: Onur Burak ZEYTINLI/ Shutterstock)

Cat’s meow translated?

In addition, cat meows and other animal sounds can be studied by artificial intelligence. Elodie Privier, an assistant professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Copenhagen, has conducted research that has shown that AI can be trained to classify pig sounds to differentiate between pigs that are happy and those that are not. The idea is that such tools could be used to monitor animal welfare, Priefer said. “During an increase in negative calls, the farmer can check what is going on, or if they implement some new measures such as enrichment, they can see if there is an increase in positive calls, for example,” she said.

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“You can get a lot of information if you use artificial intelligence in both speech and videos to study facial expressions and body movements,” he concludes.