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Carril celebrates victory in his first appearance in the second division, but criticizes Santos' mistakes: “We cannot accept that” |  Saints

Carril celebrates victory in his first appearance in the second division, but criticizes Santos' mistakes: “We cannot accept that” | Saints

Watch Fabio Carril's press conference after the win over Paysandu

A poor performance in the first phase led to Fabio Carril making two substitutions in the first half of the match against Paysandu: he removed full-backs Hainer and Aderlan to replace JP Chermont and Rodrigo Ferreira. And it worked.

-I would love to see him tomorrow or Monday at home, to get a better idea. First, we made a lot of technical fouls, a lot of passes, we couldn't accept them, and as a result our opponents stayed on our field. We missed the pass way off the mark. The team organizes itself with the ball at its feet. It has become very complicated. “I'll take a closer look,” Carrel said.

Fabio Carril in Santos x Paysandu — Photo: Reynaldo Campos/AGIF

In the second half, Santos' performance improved. He was able to put more pressure on the opponent, scoring two goals and achieving the victory. However, Carrel believes the team can still improve, especially after reaching the Paulista Championship final.

The first half was slow and witnessed many passing errors. The game was to get to the sides and attack the area. We started to impose the ball too much on Enzo, and we missed a lot of passes. The opposition has gained confidence, and we have already seen that they are a very organized team. We had more difficulty because of our situation than anything else. We reached more, attacked more, and improved a little. But we know that we can improve more because of what we did in Paulista, and the good thing was that in the first match and the good thing is that we won to improve even more.

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Santos 2 x 0 Paysandu | The best moments | First round | Series B 2024

Santos returns to the field only next Friday, to face Avai, in Rescada, at 8pm (Brasilia time), in the second round of the Brazilian Championship's second division.

See Fabio Carrel's statements below:

-He is with us doing a specific job. If he improves, he may return to our group.

Scope changes

-They can fight for a place. The group is balanced in several situations. Chermont really gave a good response, and Rodrigo did very well. Pedrinho scored, perhaps giving an answer. It gives us options to choose the 11 to start the game.

-Winning is always important. I think when it's not good technically, we can't let the opponent play. It's part of it. Enzo, who I followed in Copenha, got up there at the back, but there was a big muscle imbalance. He played in the Under-20 team and we saw that. Our position did not help him play a better match. We are happy with what was provided.

– They (defenders) will not be missed. After 13 rounds, the window opens again. We are attentive to the proposals that may arrive. On July 10, the window opens again. If we encounter difficulty, of course we can pursue it to strengthen our team.