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Pereira hails Corinthians' players after beating Santos

Pereira hails Corinthians’ players after beating Santos

After the victory over Santos at Villa Belmiro, he Corinthians beat the remains of their defeat against Flamengo in the final of the Copa del Rey And the He won again away from home after nine matches. At the press conference, Vitor Pereira praised the attitude of the Corinthians players and highlighted the team’s focus in the face of all adversity.

When asked about the difficulty during the Classics, captain Timao praised the athletes’ attitude to the game representing a “hangover” from the Copa del Rey title loss which resulted in one expulsion per side.

“In terms of the game, you can imagine that the team had a very sad day and it is difficult to recover in such a short time, right? Now, the match was on the verge of defeat for us. We are in a period of a lot of pressure on us and we have to keep our calm and character. Otherwise it would be a problem. We ended up being sent off, we didn’t play a good game, but after the sending off we decided to reorganize ourselves differently, with three players in the middle who are working hard and they are players who put pressure and occupy the spaces, and for me, they did an exciting job”, Portuguese commented.

During the match, Parque São Jorge club faced a period with one player less, but in a short time, the numerical equality returned and the coach commented on the strategy used for the conditions of the match. Vitor also took the opportunity to once again commend the efforts of his players.

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“We started lowering Gustavo in a streak of five to counteract a little bit of the numerical superiority of Santos, who has many players facing very dangerous players who are on the rise. I think this reorganization gave more ability to get more ball. We were equal in numbers, And I think we finished the game a little bit and left Roger, a dangerous player when he’s one-on-one, up front waiting for the ball to come in and it ended up generating the goal. Then we defended the score, because it was important to give an answer like victory after what happened. I really liked the behavior And the behavior and the spirit of the players who played, came and stayed on the bench. This is the spirit of Corinthians, so we got the three points because of the spirit of this club, which is very strong in difficult moments,”

Finally, VP commented on what Saturday’s match will be if the club returns with the Copa de Brazil. In his view, his team could be “more relaxed”, but the athletes knew the importance of the match for the Brazilian’s claims.

“I think if we came with the title we would be more comfortable, because those days would be celebration and celebration and we would be comfortable if we didn’t win. How did we come in? We came focused on the result, because we knew it was very important to leave here with the three points for us to stay glued to the G4, And it’s one of the great goals, to get back into G4 and finish in the best possible position, to fight for this cup that we fought to the max. We came in this state of alertness and anxiety and that’s what made us leave here with three points,” the coach said.

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Now, Vitor Pereira and his team are preparing for the upcoming Timão duel, which will take place on Wednesday, against Fluminense. The ball rolls at 9:45 p.m. at the New Coimica Arena.

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