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Carol Ribeiro: Mapa Do Pop will feature K-Pop, America and more Brazil than ever before

Carol Ribeiro: Mapa Do Pop will feature K-Pop, America and more Brazil than ever before

Next Thursday, September 1, the fifth season Pop chart. Program A A tour of the entertainment universe All over the world Given by model Carol Ribeiro. In the new episodes, Carol tries Explore more of Brazilian cultureWithout leaving out the influences of other countries.

The presenter travels through capital cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in special chapters on graffiti and urban art, addressing various musical styles in Brazilian culture such as certanejo and samba.

On the North American itinerary, the program visits Washington, New York And AtlantaWith scripts featuring productions on fight and horror films, black culture and superhero blockbusters.

Although there is an international script, Carroll likes it Explore more of what Brazil has to offer. “We continue to travel abroad, but we turned our gaze and opened our minds to Brazil,” he explains in an interview. Tangerine. “We have a lot to explore regionally. I think many of them come from our origins and we have to examine them to understand what we are today.

Focused only on cinema, this program Explores the new possibilities of pop culture From the fifth season. On Friday, it did not begin to prepare, the presenter wants Expand your horizons further.

Born in Belém do Bara, Carol doesn’t want to limit herself to the south and southeast of the country. “We are still going to do the north and northeast, the whole region. I’m already excited to start recording. I think there’s a lot of new stuff coming up, mainly related to Amazon. We have a huge range to explore,” he explains.

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K-Pop Special Episode

In this season, Pop chart There will be a chapter that addresses only The K-pop phenomenonThe whole world talks about bands that explode with success.

“We’re going to explore why K-pop became the crazy fever it is today,” he says. “The bug bit me, I never thought, but When I saw it I was already into it and loved it, with a smile from end to end. When you allow yourself to know something, you will enjoy it.

Carroll says that the recording of this particular episode is over Take it back to the origin, when he was a fan of traditional boybands. exclusively TangerineShe believes her heart strings were there New kids on the block And MenudoAnd who loved boys P.T.S.

“Everywhere I go, Everyone only talked about BTS. It reminded me a lot of the Menuto and New Kids on the Block days. I belong to the first phase of Menudo, before Ricky Martin”, he said. Every time I think ‘why is this class mad about these kids?’ When I say that, I remember the time when I collected papers and magazines from New Kids and Menudo. I thought ‘Oops, I’ve been thereIt only changed the name and business role.

The fifth season of Mapa do Pop, with Carol Ribeiro, premieres on September 1 TNT and the TNT series.